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Musician. Guitar player. Composer. Producer.
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The band Horeja, where Rodrigo is founder, composer, and guitarist, has released the first single from the new album "La Canción del Bosque I" (The Song Of The Forest I).

The song is called "La Trampa de Creer" (The Trap Of Believing), and you can listen below:



Listen to the fourth single of this new instrumental project based on guitars, in the music page or in almost any music platform.  There are some rock, fusion and jazz elements, and even more!



After 4 years of intense work, the complete ebook + backing tracks series about the modes of Olivier Messiaen is now available. 

More than 600 pages with 351 licks, 32 guitar studies, 110 backing tracks, arpeggios, examples, and more than 2.000 chords! 


This material aims to be a tool to expand the harmonic and melodic universe of the popular musician, but also a means to the study and deepening of modern language in the contemporary-classical music student as well.

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Hello and welcome to this course! This is a complete journey: not only licks and technique, but also articulations, duets, backing tracks, improvisation, rhythm and sight reading!

This is the best and most entertaining way to develop yourself musically. Through the pentatonic scale you will forge a solid musical foundation.

This course is for guitarists who want to start their path as complete musicians, and who are not only focused on technique, but who understand music as something much richer. 

It is also very useful for teachers who understand that the musical initiation of their students should be a fluid and entertaining process.




In this complete course, the possibilities of the Augmented Scale are covered in depth, through Arpeggios, Chords, Licks, and a huge amount of original study material. Contemplate the historical perspective at the same time, through a series of examples that are not only cited, but also developed. Gustav Holst, Sergei Prokofiev, Béla Bartók, Oliver Nelson, John Coltrane, John McLaughlin, Chick Korea, Miles Davis, Allan Holdsworth, Michael Brecker and Jonathan Kreisberg, make up a timeline of almost a century.


Focused mainly on the guitar, but also extrapolated to any melodic/harmonic instrument, this book is deep and challenging. It has a creative outlook, and a clever strategy, carefully designed to make the most of the categorical flow of ideas and content displayed in these more than 200 pages.


You can download the complete work (integral), or a shorter version with one of these chapters: Licks, Examples, or Arpeggios. 

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