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Listen to the fourth single of this new instrumental project based on guitars, in the music page or in almost any music platform.  There are some rock, fusion and jazz elements, and even more!



The band Horeja, where Rodrigo is founder, composer, and guitarist, is working on their fifth studio album. All the music is already composed, and the band is currently in the rehearsal stage.

The album should be edited during 2021.

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After 4 years of intense work, the complete ebook + backing tracks series about the modes of Olivier Messiaen is now available. 

More than 500 pages with 351 licks, 32 guitar studies, 110 backing tracks, arpeggios, examples, and more than 2.000 chords! 


This material aims to be a tool to expand the harmonic and melodic universe of the popular musician, but also a means to the study and deepening of modern language in the contemporary-classical music student as well.

The digital book "The Augmented Scale - A Contemporary Modal Perspective / Arpeggios", has been released.

In this third volume of The Augmented Scale book series, the arpeggios possibilities are covered with depth, through a huge amount of exercises.


Different positions, diagonal shapes, tapping, string skipping, legato, sweep picking and tuplets, all over the fretboard, and written both for sheet music and tablature.

It includes 20 Backing Tracks and 99 Guitar Pro files!

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