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Rodrigo De la Prida is a professional musician, guitar player, composer and producer. He has participated in many musical productions and projects of different genres. He also has extensive experience in academic educational work, teaching music for more than 23 years.

If we had to define Rodrigo in one word it would be without any doubt, creativity. His personal projects, which explore many different musical styles and instrumentations, have won several awards, recognition and always positive specialized reviews. But when he has to work with projects of other musicians, as a producer or composer, he has the ability to stay within the limits of the musical genre but not without contributing with his own personal view.


With more than two decades forming new musicians, he has developed a strong methodology embracing elements of popular music, but also of contemporary classical music. As a guitar player he worked with classical composers as Tomás Koljatic and Javier Farías, both in small and big ensembles. Besides, he has deeply researched and studied the language of Olivier Messiaen, as we can see in his complete book about the Modes of Limited Transposition.

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