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Level 1

Welcome to this online course! If you are a student looking to build a solid musical foundation, this is the perfect starting point for you. If, on the other hand, you are a teacher, this course will provide you with educational material developed and tested through more than 2 decades training professional musicians.


I have been a professional guitarist and educator for more than 20 years, during which time I have observed over and over again two evident characteristics in students who are beginning their learning process: almost everyone already knows the minor pentatonic scale, and almost everyone hates reading music with all their heart.

In this first online course on the pentatonic scale, I have assigned myself the task of unifying these two elements. In a clear and orderly way, the progressive recognition of the pitches on the staff, and the assimilation of different rhythms and time signatures, will always go hand in hand with the technical and melodic development of the pentatonic scale.


192 lessons

3.5 hours of video

240 pages PDF

151 Guitar Pro files

28 Backing Tracks

50 licks, and more!


This is a brief sample of the course content. You can also enter the course and take several lessons for free, so that you have a more complete idea.

Pentatonics & Beyond! (Level 1) | Online Course

Pentatonics & Beyond! (Level 1) | Online Course

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Wherever you are!

Since this course is completely online, you can access it wherever you are! You will be able to use the speed changes in the audio or video players, download the 240 page ebook, play along with the 28 backing tracks available in the lessons (or download them if you prefer), and learn by playing some of the included games!

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